Band members

Here you can find info about all Handle With Hate members.

Miguel Vidal
Miguel VidalGuitars
Miguel plays guitar since 1995. He started playing vocals in Caustic and recorded the first demo “The Sensations of the End” in 1995. At the same time he played guitar in other bands such as Degrade and Catatonia. In 2000 he started playing guitar in Caustic performing lots of shows and recording the album “The Horror Cult”, released in 2005. Then he left the band and remained in the shadows until 2017, once Handle With Hate was created.
César de Lamo
César de LamoDrums
César started playing in a hardcore band in 1990, but two years later he left band and joined forces with Caustic. He recorded their first demo “The Sensations of the End” in 1995 but, due to personal circumstances, he left the band in 1996. In 2017, during the 25th anniversary of Caustic, he decided to play drums again and, together with Xavi, founded Handle With Hate.
Regius is a well-known vocalist of the Catalan extreme metal scene with ample baggage. He started playing the year 1997 and is a founding member of the death metal band Nemesis Aeterna, which released 2 full-lengths, a 7”EP, a Split EP and a Demo. Regius also played in other bands such as Baalphegor (brutal death), My Thrusting Crown (doom), Born to Die (deathcore) or Doctrine (death), and recorded Ered’s black metal act “Promo 2001”. Now he is also working with the thrash metal band Guts & Bones, which recently released their EP “Evoking Panic”, and Abrazone Rektal (black metal).
Jose Polo
Jose PoloGuitar
Polo is the other guitar player in the band. He started to play 10 years ago and his first band was Caustic, with whom recorded the LP “Hate Generation”. Now he is totally involved in HWH and composing new tracks for the next work.
Xavi Brosa
Xavi BrosaBass
Xavi is the founder of the band together with César de Lamo. In his long career as a bassist, he has recorded five works with Caustic and an LP with Setge as well. Having played in more than 100 shows, he shared stage with bands as Sinister, Internal Suffering, Vidres a la Sang, Dismember, Zubrowska, Avulsed, Foscor, Cremosity, Human Ashtray, Zerobyte and many more.